E-Banking has quickly become a required offering for financial institutions of all types, offering consumers and businesses greater convenience and visibility to the products and services they offer. E-Banking teams face mounting pressure to meet the growing expectations from account holders of what can be accomplished online while trying to prevent the ever-present threats to data security. The E-Banking Risk Review Service is designed to evaluate financial institutions’ compliance with the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) guidance to "adapt and expand the institution's risk management practices as necessary to address the risks posed by e-banking activities."

Benefits of Using This Service:

  • Evaluation of your financial institution’s documented E-Banking risk program by a certified payment expert
  • Sound practices designed to strengthen your risk controls and provide insight into how similar processes are managed by your competitors
  • Professional guidance in understanding industry trends and regulations
  • Delivery of a customized, comprehensive review of your organization’s E-Banking program that evaluates the effectiveness of your current controls and provides recommendations for further reducing inherent risks

This Service Includes:

  • A comprehensive review of your financial institution’s E-Banking policies, procedures, forms, agreements, and reports
  • Final report designed to provide an evaluation of your organization’s E-Banking controls and potential opportunities for strengthening risk practices, policies, and procedures
  • Assistance in developing a “dynamic matrix” inventory of the controls and residual risk of your financial institution’s E-Banking program
  • On-site or remote reviews can be performed according to your preference


The cost of this service is dependent upon the asset size of your organization and the time of the year you wish to have it performed. Contact us for a price quote and to schedule a consultation.

E-Banking teams face mounting pressure to meet the growing expectations from account holders.