At WesPay Advisors, our goal is to improve the competitiveness of our clients’ payments offering. We provide guidance with product development, compliance management, strategy definition and client-facing solutions. We help financial institutions, service providers and innovators deliver responsive and compliant payments solutions.


Payments Strategy

Analyze market and competitor landscape, product selection and emerging payments technologies

Process Improvement

Analyze operations and technology processes for redesign, implementation or outsourcing

Payments Regulation

Analyze compliance capabilities, regulatory organization and management readiness

Treasury Management

Analyze treasury management sales, servicing and product offerings to enhance and grow business relationships

We use proven, cost-effective consulting methods designed to reduce analysis time and improve the output. With our roots in the non-profit sector we don’t have the overhead of a traditional consultancy and can be more efficient and competitive. Payments, focused on the needs of North American institutions, is our only business.