In the demands of day-to-day operations, it can be a challenge to get enough perspective to clearly evaluate the health and potential of your core business. A great deal of opportunity can be hidden just beneath a well-functioning process. Even in organizations that are functioning well, there can be a lot of critical knowledge of processes and procedures that are held in the minds of individual employees. If they leave for any reason, much of that institutional knowledge can be lost.

With the assistance of WesPay Advisors, your team can explore the potential to be found in increased efficiency, improved internal controls and expanded operations. Our teams work with a multi-phased-approach to address the evaluation of a financial institution’s current situation, recommendations for improvement and a detailed roadmap for implementation.

Benefits of Using This Service

  • Analyze your institution’s organizational structure, degree of integration and process efficiency with comparison against peers and operational best practices
  • Implement a new ACH Origination program or expand an existing program to maximize your corporate banking offerings
  • Review your current payments product offerings for opportunities regarding product development or acquisition, including strategically advantageous new payments

Select Areas of Focus: 

  • Implementing corporate ACH Origination 
  • ACH procedures and system review
  • Evaluation of Third-Party Senders and Third-Party Service Providers
  • Documentation of new processes and procedures
  • Quality measurement and monitoring

A great deal of opportunity can be hidden just beneath a well-functioning process.