About WesPay Advisors

WesPay Advisors delivers tailored consulting and risk management services to support financial institutions and payment service providers in developing and deploying innovative payments solutions that help them compete in a rapidly changing marketplace. Our peer-to-peer engagement style delivers the independent and objective analysis necessary to guide clients in meeting current and future business needs. Our consultants have a wide breadth of experience working with all types of payments in organizations of all sizes.

At WesPay Advisors, our goal is to improve our clients’ payments solutions to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. We provide guidance with product development, compliance management, strategy definition and client-facing solutions, helping financial institutions, service providers and innovators deliver responsive and compliant payments solutions. Our team of certified payments experts has decades of combined experience assisting financial institutions and payment processors in navigating the ever-changing regulatory landscape while offering operational sound practices to improve efficiency and reduce risk to your organization.

WesPay Advisors is a wholly owned subsidiary of WesPay, a payments association dedicated to building and sharing knowledge to guide members through their payments journey, from concept to operation. WesPay works with financial institutions, third-party payment providers and organizations supplying payment services related to operations and compliance, risk management and fraud, and payments strategy and planning. WesPay Advisors is a natural extension of the expertise developed by WesPay with over 46 years of leadership in the payments industry.

Our goal is to improve our clients’ payments solutions to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.


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