WesPay Advisors delivers tailored consulting and risk management services that enables our clients to advance their development and deployment of electronic payments. Our team of industry-recognized payments professionals offer an independent assessment, from development through compliance management, that makes institutions, providers and innovators more competitive and responsive. We offer a new approach to payments advising.

Core Values

Approachable – We value peer-to-peer engagement in development solutions.
Experienced – We balance depth of payments knowledge with real-world experience.
Responsive – We scale projects that are appropriate for the client’s objectives.
Focused – We are payments professionals and payments is our only business.

A new addition to a payments legacy

WesPay Advisors is a wholly owned subsidiary of Western Payments Alliance (WesPay). WesPay was founded in 1972 and has 45 years of experience supporting its over 1,200 member organizations with education services, information services and advisory services covering all areas of payments. WesPay’s membership includes banks and credit unions of all sizes, including the top three U.S. banks.

If you require WesPay Advisors' W9 for accounting purposes then click on the download link below:
WesPay Advisors W9 Form
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